Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Kuala Lumpur Day 4

I must warn you first. This was the worst Hotel Breakfast i ever had. The hotel? Hotel Sentral KL's STARMINT COFFEE HOUSE.

Which Hotel serves you Processed Beef Burger Patties as thei only meat dish? and the Potatoes are over-done. Omelette was hard and ingredients were miserable.The Bee-hoon? Let's just say that those i eat for breakfast at my workplace taste better.

Ok, give it some credit. This was the only nice item. Bread Pudding with vanilla sauce.

Again i had to take the Beef patties as there are nothing much to eat!!! Pity those who can't take Beef. Good Luck man! Luckily, the breakfast was included in our room cost. If it wasn't, even if you pay me, i won't even want to eat.

After Breakfast, we checked out and headed to the highlight of our trip, the Shangri-La Hotel! And in the late afternoon, we proceeded to Bukit Jalil again for the Liverpool game.

At Bukit Jalil, i saw this pit roasted lamb. thinking of trying it after the match but it was sold out! Must be good.

After the game and another torrid way back to our Hotel, and since its our last night in KL, we went to have a nice dinner. But at that time, most restaurants are already closed. But we saw this pub-restaurant, Atashkadeh still open.

Nice cold Pint of Beer RM23

Barley Soup RM7

Lamb Shank RM34

Saffron Flavoured Basmati Rice, Came with the Lamb

Iranian Bread RM3

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