Monday, 25 April 2011

Mashed Sardine and Onions Fettuccine


1 Big can Sardines
1 500g Packet of Pasta (I use Fettuccine)
1 Onion
1 hard boil egg
2 tbsp Sugar
Salt and Pepper


1. Chop up 1 Onion
2. Boil a litre of water with drops of oil and handful of salt, empty 1 packet of pasta to cook to Al Dente (about 11 mins)
3. In a pan, fry the onions until they sweat
4. Add in the can sardines and simmer
5. Add sugar to the sardines and mash them up in the pan
6. Lay the pasta in your plate and pour the sardine sauce over
7. Slice the hard boil egg into half and place by the side
8. Pepper to taste
9. Enjoy!

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