Monday, 3 October 2011

Sarawak Wild Pepper Root Chicken Soup

Recently, i went on a short trip to Kuching, Sarawak. Over there, i was introduced to the famous Sarawak Wild Pepper Root and the pepper products. The lady at the shop told me that i wouldn't regret buying these to make soup and cook. I certainly didn't! My wife liked it and my son loved it! Too bad i only bought enough to make it 5 times. Sigh, i should have bought more since it expires in 2014!!!


1 Kampung Chicken, quartered
30g Sarawak Wild Pepper Root
10 Red Dates
10 bowls of water (Chinese rice bowl)
Sarawak Black Pepper to taste
Salt to taste


1. Wash Sarawak Wild Pepper Root
2. Combine all ingredients in a soup pot
3. Bring to a boil then lower the flame to simmer for 3 hours
4. Add salt and pepper to taste
5. Enjoy!


  1. Hi, may I know where you get the pepper root?

  2. How to clean pepper root papa cheong? Need to soak it? Need to scrap the outer skin?

  3. Hi, just need to soak for awhile. no need to scrap.


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