Thursday, 4 August 2011

Steam Shark Steak with Salted Bean Paste (豆醬)

I have never eaten shark meat before, less those shark fin at Wedding Dinners. Eating Shark meat is not cruel as eating shark fins. Shark fin farmers cut off the fins and throw the sharks into the sea to die as they can't swim. Shark meat actually comes from a whole shark and nothing is wasted just like how we slaughter pigs or cattle. 

In fact, after tasting this, it goes really well with teochew porridge. I think i will be eating shark meat more often now. And its relatively cheap too! For those who hate to eat fish due to the fishy smell, to remove the fishy smell, add more ginger and  Salted Bean Paste (豆醬).


2 Shark Steak
1 Tbsp  Salted Bean Paste (豆醬)
5 Slices of Ginger, Thinly sliced


1. Lay Shark Steaks in a pan
2. Spread the Salted Bean Paste (豆醬) all over the shark steak
3. Sprinkle ginger all over the shark steak
4. Steam for 20 mins
5. Enjoy!


  1. never eaten shark meat, maybe the name frightens me but not shark fin! LOL!!

  2. I find shark meat being tough. I've only heard it being used in curries due to it's toughness.
    Good try on using a new method (to me) to cook this fish


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