Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Rosemary and Thyme Focaccia

My wife and son simply loved this bread. The 1st time i made it, it was gone in minutes. This focaccia can be used in sandwiches, as a starter to a meal, as a condiment with soups and also with herb butter spread. Actually, its so simple and easy to make that i think i will stop buying them from the bakery if i have the urge to eat focaccia!


3/4 Cup Warm water
Generous dollop Good Quality Extra Virgin Olive oil (It must be Good quality as the bread depends on this to get the flavour)
1/2 Tsp Salt
1 3/4 Cup All-purpose flour
1 1/2 Tsp Dry yeast
2 Tsp sugar
Rosemary to taste (I use 1 Tbsp)
Thyme to taste (I use 1 Tbsp)


1. Combine the warm water with the active dry yeast and the 2 tsp. sugar. Let stand until foamy, about 5-10 min.
2. Add the flour and salt gradually to the yeast mixture, about 1/2 cup at a time, until your dough no longer sticks to the sides of the bowl .
3. Drizzle 1/2 Tbsp olive oil into a pan. Place the dough into the pan. Cover and let rise for 60 min.
4. Preheat your oven to 180 Degrees C. 
5. Gently poke the risen dough all over with your index finger. Drizzle it lightly with the remaining olive oil and sprinkle with Rosemary and Thyme.
6. Bake the bread till it's golden brown, about 40 min.
7. Enjoy!

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  1. This looks delicious! I love focaccia and plan to make it again soon.


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